Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My favourite jogging path

I love how this place as it's so close to the city and yet is so green. The air is always cool here and it's so quiet here, I can hear myself think. Running here clears my mind.

Not many cars come up this way. I have seen taxis parked here with the drivers taking power naps.

When looking at the distance shots, the place look beautiful and clean. On closer look, you'll see this...

On the day I took these photos, I caught one of the contract cleaners throwing a yellow plastic bag over the edge of the slope. The yellow plastic bags are the ones used by the cleaners to pick up the rubbish along the hill. This particular cleaner spotted a hole in one of the plastic bags, so she threw it over the hill. Now, that baffles me 'coz hasn't she been hired to keep the premises clean? Why did she add onto the rubbish? I tried reasoning with the cleaner but she was just unclear on the concept... Then I saw this!

The cleaners decided to take a break after picking up some rubbish. Looking at the dust pan they've been given to work with, I don't blame them for needing to take breaks! These cleaners have torn open the standard-issue yellow plastic bags to sit on for their break. No price for guessing right where these torn bags go after their break?

Around late mornings, a lady drives up in a Kia MPV. You know she's approaching when the monkeys come out from the hills in droves. She brings their breakfast! This lady goes around to various places to gather left-overs from eateries and bakeries to feed the monkeys. She is very passionate about the monkeys and have named some of the monkeys. She calls out to them and chides them if they grab food from the smaller monkeys. Every time I've gone there during late mornings, she's been there. No, what she's doing doesn't make me fuzzy and warm all over. IT MAKES ME MAD!!!

1. Monkeys DO NOT eat human food. Bread, cupcakes and rice isn't found in the wild. I won't be surprised if there are monkeys who are suffering from heart diseases from this diet!

2. Spoon feeding them will cause future generations to forget how to look for food in the wild. The young ones will not learn how to take care of themselves.

3. STOP leading the monkeys to think they have more than they actually do. Food is easy to come by, so they will eat and breed more. No need to look for food in the forest. SO WRONG!!

4. I love animals and it'll be an ideal world if everyone do not have to go hungry but the monkeys are BLARDY NUISANCE when they are out in droves for food. They throw fruit peels everywhere which is dangerous to people who jog around there!

So many times I've been tempted to tell the woman off. I'm sure there are better ways to ensure the safety and to look after the welfare of monkeys. How long can she go on gathering food and feeding the monkeys like this? What happens when she can't do it anymore? Then what?


I had teh halia at 5.30pm this evening and I'm suffering now. Can't get to sleep!! So what do I do? I look through some photos I'd taken some time ago...

My children think I'm the best barber in the world. Only Mama can cut their hair and I always have two satisfied customers ;-) One day, Laura decides to make a sign for my services as a barber. She very quickly made the sign and pasted it up on our front door. My daughter expects her mama to work very hard for very little!

Guess what? Laura isn't the only one who thinks they can just make a sign and start a business!

This signs were on a pillar under a flyover along the MRR2. The guy has set up a desk in his "office" waiting for business. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

And speaking of Malaysia Boleh...

I was at a big eatery in TTDI popular for wedding luncheons at lunch time when I heard snap, crackle and pop. Nope, I wasn't having rice krispies. I looked up and saw this huge mess of wires. Soon after hearing the noise, the people who were next door ran out to have a look at what caused the crackling sound. They nonchalantly walked back into the premises when they didn't see anything wrong. Will this mess of wires cause a fire to break out at the places the electricity supply is going to? Who knows? In this case, I wonder if the person who did the wiring even cared!

Sort of a follow up to my earlier post on safety on the road. Is this toddler going to grow up learning road safety? Will he get a chance to grow up??

Notice that there isn't anymore mention about enforcing buckling up behind? This young mom isn't even buckled up herself in the front and we all know that the front passenger is at the highest risk in the event of a road accident. We ALL know that, don't we? We don't?! AIYA!

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